LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum!!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum!! : Introduction. … For Those Not in the Know

“TSUM TSUM”! Produced through LINE Corporation and Disney, this Candy Crush style of game is a free to download app that has swept the world by craze!
Featuring such iconic Disney Characters as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Stitch and others this thoroughly enjoyable and highly addictive puzzle game is simple enough that even first time app users and children alike will quickly get the hang of it and immediately become “die-hard” fans! Nevertheless, through subtly well placed design, the game also has intricate levels of depth and intelligence to it!

To start with users simply trace their finger over three or more of the stacked or adjacent matching Disney characters, to score points, coins, rubies and to open up new spaces for more characters before the allotted 60 second time limit runs out.
Thus, the aim of the game is purely that: to gain points, coins and rubies!
Simple right?? Well, read on to find just how so and not so!

That being said however, herein lies the rub! There are in fact numerous ways in which one can most efficiently gain points, coins and rubbies. Through the use of different finger swiping techniques, usage of special features, unlocking of hidden characters and much, much more, players are able to achieve higher scores, bonuses and new levels!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum!! : Features of the Game

Besides the fast paced addictive qualities of the sixty second timed game, is the fact that despite it being a single player game, it is in fact very social! Through the chat application LINE, you can view friend’s scores and visa-versa. Yet not only can you view friend’s scores, but also help each other achieve higher scores as well! This is done through the sharing of hearts.

A “Heart” is the “currency” which costs gameplay. A single heart will enable you to a new 60 second round of play, thus no hearts equals no play! Therefore, through the LINE app, it is possible to share and receive hearts from friends and fellow Tsum Tsum fans thus enabling you (and your friends) to more delightful gameplay. There is also the option of trading rubies for more hearts with which the more rubies spent, a higher bonus of hearts is awarded.

Cuteness Unqualified!

Admittedly there is a very definite Pokémon cuteness to the characters within the game which inspires an intrinsic desire to “gotta catch ‘em all!” type of fever to the game.
With over 99 different types of Tsums featured (as of Dec. 2015) the iconic and much loved faces of Disney, Pixar and even Star Wars, Marvel and the world of Tim Burton can be seen and enjoyed! Yet with new faces being included constantly, this truly is a game with legs (and faces!)

Benefits of the Bingo Card!

The Bingo segment of the game is a continuing mission event which becomes available upon reaching certain levels. The core objective is to complete the bingo card to receive a grand prize! However, completion of single lines will also be rewarded with smaller rewards of coins, rubies, hearts or item tickets. Each different bingo card comes with its own prizes and rewards and completing the first bingo card is necessary before moving onto other bingo cards.

New Events and Regularly Featured Events

Events are special stages which offer prizes by completing or by simply participating in them. There are also a variety of regular reoccurring events as well as special edition limited time events (like the featured Easter Event), all of which are a great way of levelling up, gaining coins and prizes! Be sure to make maximum use of this heart-felt, heart free way to level up!


LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum!! : Hints, Tips and Tricks

The first and foremost recommended way to master the game is to regardless of what technique you use is to never let your finger stop moving, swiping, tapping and clearing the relentless Tsums!
Secondly, whilst a constant barge of short clearances is recommended, longer length combinations will not only clear more space yet also power up the fever bar which enables you to more points, coins and highly rewarding Bubbles !!

Thirdly…. Unfortunately, to be perfectly honest, to continue on at this pace it would take too much time away from my precious Tsums and too much of your precious time playing the game! Furthermore, there truly are oh so many tips and techniques to the game that for conciseness and ease of reference sakes, here we will list a few of the best in point form.

  • Find Your-Tsums Special Ability and exploit it!
  • Use Tsum abilities wisely for better Fever bonuses.
  • Make use of the Fever option as soon as it becomes available!
  • Using bubbles after longer chains reward greater profits!
  • Efficiently using the Fever adds an extra five seconds to your time limit.
  • Despite the allure, the Shuffle feature isn’t actually all that advantageous! (Yes, it shakes things up, but it wastes precious seconds doing so!)
  • The Gyro feature can be a beneficial help at times, yet like the Shuffle it will slow down the fall rate of Tsums.
  • Using Bubbles around your skill Tsum will result in faster skill availability.
  • Big Tsums have an extended range and count as 5 Tsums.
  • Save power ups for tougher levels.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the Daily Missions!
  • Logically as it sounds, it is easy to neglect! – Work from the bottom up! This provides more movement and possible combinations above.
  • Use the LINE app to get more coins and hearts from fellow fans!

& finally above all else, simply HAVE FUN & ENJOY!! ♪

Further Cheats and Advice!

Following on from the aforementioned tips ‘n’ tricks are the following methods of getting the most enjoyment and efficient gameplay out of LINE: Disney’s Tsum Tsum. Yet be warned, if you aren’t already addicted – you will be after using these suggestions!

  • First n Foremost! Go for Fever! Fever! Fever!
  • AGAIN! Find the best Tsum which suits you and your gameplay!
  • Turn the music on! This will help alert you when the Fever mode kicks in without you having to distract your eyes!
  • Stay in Fever mode for as long as possible!
  • Focus on Combos rather than length!

As can be easily seen, the common thread and easiest way to advance in the game and beat friends scores, is to maximize the Fever feature! Whilst it may take some time getting used to this method of gameplay, it is by far and away the most efficient way of leveling up!

Leveling Up Tsums

Every Tsum has its own level. By eliminating more Tsum Tsums during gameplay you will receive higher experience points which will result in attaining a higher level for your featured Tsum. By equipping the right Tsum and utilizing it at its fullest potential, extra bonuses and levels will be unlocked!

As you have probably already discovered, the Tsum universe is built around coins. The more coins you have the better you can be! To achieve more coins you either have to be a patient little player or invest with real life coins to buy rubies and thus coins, bonuses or time. This is the essence of such “Freemium” games as this essentially is. It is free to play for as long as you want, yet if you want to speed up the progress, then you can spend real money to buy advancements and enjoy higher gameplay levels quicker.

So it is with this structure in mind that creators have strategically priced certain characters, skills and levels at different stages. Of which brings us to the 10,000 (coin) “Happiness Box” and the 30,000 (coin) “Premium Box”. Whilst it is very enticing to buy more characters from the cheaper “Happiness Box”, as with so much in life, quality outranks quantity nearly every time! Different boxes offer different characters, of which are random and cannot be selected. Therefore as time consuming as it may be, it is highly advised to save those precious coins and invest in a higher grade “Premium Box” powerful character who will yield higher returns in the long run, rather than amount an army of weaker Tsums!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum!! : Personal Impressions

With a little patience and a lot of practice, and by trying some of the tips and tricks listed above, you will soon master this fun game and amass a plethora cute characters with different skill sets! So why not join the craze and start sharing hearts and scores with the tight-knit Tsum Tsum community and once done so, support your fandom by further expressing your love for the game through the almost limitless marketing power of Disney in which cute and cuddly plushies of all your favorite Tsums are available online, at select stores and of course the flagship Disneylands!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum!! : App Details & Specifics

App name:
LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum

Current Version:
1.18.0 (Last Update 28/2/2016)


Supported OS:
iOS5.1.1 or more, Android 3.0 or more

Developers name:
LINE Corporation

Free. (Yet in-game purchases are available).


Download Links for LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum

There are numerous mirror sites where you can download this great game, yet the upmost premium and trusted sites being the aforementioned official LINE app, the Disney store and Google play.

App Store – iOS:
Download LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum for iOS from App Store Here!

Google Play – Android:
Download LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum for Android from Google Play Here!

Disney Store:
Download LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum from the Disney Store Here!



If you are a true fan of the game and wish to share the love of your own special secret tips and tricks, or simply wanting a Heart-felt friend in which you can share your Hearts with (and hopefully from!), then please be sure to leave a comment below!

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