8 Ball Pool

Introduction to 8 Ball Pool

For all those who love to while away their time away pocketing a few balls this is the game for you! With responsive and accurate game physics and a clean, polished design 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip.com is great fun for experienced pool sharks and novices alike!

Features of 8 Ball Pool

Above the overall sharp and definitive design is the actual gameplay itself. Playing online in either head-to-head modes with friends or randomly selected matches with people all over the world, players can compete for points and in-game currency which allows for levelling up and unlocking new items and stages. Furthermore, there is the tournament mode which allows for even greater prizes.

Gameplay of 8 Ball Pool

With levels staged at international locations such as London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, upon gameplay two lines show the trajectory of the cue ball and the ball at which you are aiming for. Once set up, drawing on the power meter determines the strength of the strike. Players have a 30 second time limit to prepare and execute their shot. If players exceed the allotted time then not only is their turn forfeited yet the opponent is rewarded by being able to move the cue ball to wherever they like! As in real life pool, to win players need to sink / pot all of their solid or stripped balls and then finish with the infamous eight ball (of which standard foul rules apply!)

With thousands of players online at any given time there is always the chance to test your skill and garner more experience points and in-game currency to level up! Encouraging further playful relations between players is the ability to share some stock responses and remarks to either compliment or jib opponents. To maintain interest and fuel the fever to play more and more, players can bet (with in-game currency) on the outcome of each match to earn more coins which enable you to enter higher stakes matches or to invest in custom cues and tables etc.

Hints, Tips ‘n’ Tricks

With practice and patience players will soon master this fun and addictive game, yet if wishing to speed up your levelling up, then try some of the hints below to help you enjoy the most out of this great game!

  • You can still practice offline when there is no internet connection!
  • If you pot a ball on the break, you can still choose to be either strips or solids.
  • Adding vibration (in the settings) will alert you when its your shot.
  • Potting the eight ball on the break is possible and even gives an award.
  • You can request coins from friends.
  • If your shot isn’t sunk or touch any cushion then it is considered a foul!
  • Power is just as important as angles! Don’t overkill your shot!
  • Make use of the spin feature to line up following shots.
  • Plan future shots ahead and aim to achieve them.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on the shot clock!

Personal Impressions of 8 Ball Pool

The no fuss design of the game is super clean and realistic. The true to real life diamonds on the rails allow for accurate calculations of shots. Other key qualities of the game is the highlight of convincing sound effects which further pulls players into the game! ♪ The distinctive player ranking system ensures that matches are always well set for matching skills and levels which make for fun, fair competitions! The desire to collect different cues and items also adds a little bait to the end the hook as well!

App Specifics of 8 Ball Pool

Current Version:
3.5.1 (Last Updated Mar 07, 2016)

43.8 MB

100,000,000 – 500,000,000

Requires iOS:
6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
2.3.3 or higher

Produced by:

Free! (Yet in-game purchases are available).

Download Links for 8 Ball Pool

App Store : iOS
Download 8 Ball Pool for iOS Here!

Google Play : Android
Download 8 Ball Pool for iOS Here!

8 Ball Pool Summary

Hopefully you will also become a fan of this fun filled game and hope to see you on the felt! Be sure to leave a comment below to share your own opinions, advice or request / taunt for a match challenge!!

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