Word Cookies!

An Introduction to Word Cookies

From puzzle masters BitMango the makers of hits like Block! Hex Puzzle comes another great puzzle game! Simple in gameplay with no timer clock nor penalty for wrong answers Word Cookies is great for the elderly, children and students studying English as a foreign language. Word Cookies can also be enjoyed offline with without any WIFI which further adds to the playability for everyone anytime, anywhere!

Word Cookies : Gameplay

Letters, which are presumably shaped cookies are served up on a baking tray and players must then swipe the letters to form words. Starting out players must form three and four letter words, yet the game soon progresses to include five or more letter words as well.  Above the letter tray is a board which has spaces to show what word lengths are needed and what words have already been found.

Completing levels rewards players with points and coins. Whilst points don’t convert to anything tangible, coins can be traded for hints to breeze through levels faster.

Features of Word Cookies

  • Discover hidden words from mixed letters.
  • Find derived words from main words and develop your brain & vocabulary skills.
  • Visually pleasing to play cookies in various kinds!
  • Feel achievement with increased point by making more cookies!
  • Simple and Easy!
  • Daily bonus rewards
  • Free 200 coins payments, at the first game
  • Great exercise for the brain
  • Support both Phones and Tablets.
  • FREE Update!


Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Word Cookies


A nice key feature of Word Cookies is that there is a shuffle button which will rearrange the letters that are within the baking tray. When stuck trying to find those last few tricky words, simply rearranging the letters can often cause the subconscious to spark recognition.  The issue however is that with Word Cookies the sparse amount letters used per round means that the shuffle feature isn’t essentially all that effective.  Yet as it is free it should be used a couple of times before spending coins on hints.

Go Random with a Strategy!

Perhaps the greatest feature of Word Cookies is that there are no penalties for misspelled words or even gibberish answers. Therefore, go with words that clearly stand out and then and then try the reverse.  Many anagrams actually held true for either correct answers or for additional answers which fill Jack’s jar to earn bonus coins.

Following on, by looking at the empty spaces that needed to be filled, players can deduce vowel and consonant patterns to find which letters to focus on. Furthermore, by having already found answers listed in alphabetical order, it makes it all that much easier to know which letters to concentrate and as such find the answer.


If after trying the first two tips, the answers are still eluding, then it is time to invest in some hints. Each hint will reveal a letter for 25 coins, yet as the letters revealed will start with the easiest word first, using hints can quickly become expensive and as such should be used as a last resort.

If however preferring to horde those coins for possible later use, then there are vast world forming websites where you can simply input any string of letters to generate all possible word compilations. Doing so, players can pass absolutely every level, … yet consequently drains 100% of whatever little enjoyment was left in the game.

Personal Impressions // Review of Word Cookies

Word Cookies is an absolutely great game if wanting to mindlessly pass the time away, yet if looking for an actual challenge, then perhaps Word Cookies may not be for you. The complexity of selected words are quite low, predictable and heavily rotated between levels.  What’s worst however is that a number of very simple and common words are often unrecognized.

Another unfortunate flaw is that the current version seems to be a little bit glitchy where the game spontaneously shuts down and needs to be reopened in order to continue playing. Yet above all of these faults the sheer amount of pop up advertisements completely outweighs any of the positives.

As previously stated the positive aspects of Word Cookies such as no-time limit, simplicity of words, gameplay and absence of any penalties for wrong answers make Word Cookies a fantastic game for young children and non-English speaking students wanting to practice their skills. If however simply a fan puzzle and words then perhaps Word Cookies should best be left alone and energies better spent on much more enjoyable word puzzle games like Alphabear and Bonza National Geographic or other such diverse mentally stimulating games as Mind Games.

As it stands however, apart from the niche market of children and students, for standard everyday uses, the negatives far outweigh the positives and as such Word Cookies earns any overall score of only one star out of five.

App Specifics for Word Cookies

Current Version:
1.2  (iOS)  (Last Update March 09 2017) (as at the time of writing)
1.2  (Android)  (Last Update March 06 2017)  (as at the time of writing)

113 MB  (iOS)
26 MB  (Android)

5,000,000 – 10,000,000

Requires iOS:
7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
4.0.3 and above.

Content Rating:
Rated for 3+



In-app Purchases:
$0.99 ~  $19.99

Offered By:
BitMango  Corporation

Download Word Cookies

App Store : iOS

Download Word Cookies for iOS from the App Store Here!

Google Play : Android

Download Word Cookies for Android from Google Play Here!


Do you agree with our review of Word Cookies? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you love or hate this game in the comments section below along with any other hints, tips and tricks that you may have come across that haven’t already been covered above.  Also be sure to leave any requests for games that you would like to see reviewed!
And as always, ‘happy gaming’!



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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!
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  • I love the game have looked at different sites for questions can’t figure out when it says there is a word in oven tray what does it mean and what do you do with it

    • Hi Janet, Thanks for the enquiry. I am not exactly sure as to what you are referring to as I have never seen that before. Are you playing the current version? It could perhaps mean that there are unsolved words left, or perhaps that the “cookie jar” has been filled or that the game is trying to entice you into spending coins for a hint.
      I would like to help you more yet unfortunately am unsure of your exact problem but will continue to look into it so be sure to check back frequently!
      Thank you for the comment and visiting Blue Lagoon!

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    After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!