An Introduction to TEKKEN

One of the biggest and most respected fighting games of all time, Tekken, is now available for mobile devices! Being one of the first games to utilize 3D animation Tekken has inspired numerous sequels, spin off titles and even multiple films of both animated and live action.  Originally focussing around the “King of the Iron Fist Tournament” with the sub-plot of the Mishima Clan Curse, the mobile version throws players back into familiar territory in this polished and modern mobile version.

TEKKEN : Gameplay

Adopting the role of the ‘Dojo Master’ players must assemble allies by collecting fighters and upgrading their skills to confront the mysterious entity known as the Revenant who has stolen heroes’ powers. In the single player ‘Story’ mode players battle back-to-back missions along different paths (much like MARVEL Contest of Champions and TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight) to complete acts/chapters which piece by piece complete the main narrative of Revenant.

Staying true to the genre format basic combat involves right screen taps and holds for light and heavy attacks with the left screen controlling defence. Swipes either left or right trigger fighters to rush towards or away from opponents.  Tekken mobile also utilizes special ability cards called “Waza” which can also be upgraded and swapped in and out to adjust for player preferences and fighting styles.  With cash being the common currency, gems are the premium along with various coloured tokens which are used to cash in for character shards and items etc.

Features of TEKKEN


  • Collect over 20 characters with unique fighting styles
  • Upgrade and unlock over 20 unique special moves for each fighter
  • Battle it out in Unique Game modes including STORY MODE missions, online versus battles in DOJO CHALLENGE and rotating LIVE EVENT challenges!

STORY MODE – Explore the world of TEKKEN

  • Join the legendary fighter, Kazuya Mishima, as he battles against his toughest adversary yet! Battle through a map-based campaign featuring unique encounters and specialised and powerful bosses.
  • Build specialised teams to take down unique missions
  • Explore dynamic battle maps to uncover compelling challenges and rewards

DOJO CHALLENGE – Online Versus Battles

  • Build a team and battle against your friends and the community in this online versus mode
  • Players build teams of attackers and defenders to compete in monthly seasons for unique rewards
  • Ranked ladders allow players to progress and measure up against the best players in the world
  • The game records and upload players’ own in-game fighting styles and apply this to their dojos’ AI, giving them an authentic feel

LIVE EVENTS – Brand new content to experience daily

  • Live events feature daily, weekly and monthly rotating content. A fresh experience every time you play!
  • Special themed events will provide unique experiences and encounters
  • Rare characters and content available during Special Events

Tips ‘n’ Tricks for TEKKEN


Just as with many other card collecting battlers Tekken mobile weights fighters and matches with an elemental system that adds a 15% power/ damage advantage or disadvantage to fighters depending on their class distinction. Whilst the elemental cycle isn’t displayed on the immediate battle screen, as many other games do, negative and positive buffs are displayed automatically after highlighting a specific character.

Therefore before selecting which fighters to take into battle, be sure to pay attention to what enemies will be faced and try to select the best suited team which makes the most out of match-ups, so keep in mind that the weighting system is; Fire > Earth > Lightening > Water > Fire.


Winning battles, levelling up and unlocking chests rewards players with shards which are then used to upgrade fighters. These shards are just as fighters are categorized into elementals which consequently only be used with fighters of the same class distinction.  Therefore, when upgrading fighters it is best to focus on the strongest fighter within each category only.  Yet as with every other card collecting game, spending precious recourses on single star/entry tier/common characters is a waste and instead should be saved until able to be used on higher status ranks and/or fighters which suit player preference styles.

Skill Points

Skill points, aside from gems, are arguably the most valuable of items that can be obtained. Skills as rare as they are actually require quite a few to make a significant difference.  Depending on the rank of a character up to twelve slots can be filled with skill points of which are split into three categories which further have three different options.

The first choice is between Strength, Agility and Utility and from there choices vary yet generally lean towards the first being geared towards single player tap damage, the second towards shards cooldown times or hold damage, with the third aimed at multiplayer dojo damage. So just like with upgrades it is best to save skill points until a worthwhile fighter is unlocked, upon which players need to evaluate their preferences of play and then either add to weak spots to balance out strengths or add weight to fortes.

Master the Basics!

Typical of all mobile based hand-to-hand combat battlers which understandably have less detailed controls compared to console based games, timing is extremely crucial. Therefore it is important to take note of how fighters move and the speed in which they do so.  Whilst the stats provided in the fighter menu show power stats and not speed, after playing a character for a few battles, it becomes clear that some are faster or slower than other characters.

In terms of generic gameplay then it is best to start battles by rushing and opponents and unleashing three or four light attack taps and followed by a heavy attack then attack again or retreat and block. Or, if slower than faster players should start by immediately blocking and waiting to for the oncoming sequence to break and then launch a counter.  Following, even though there is a time limit on each bout, matches rarely run out of time so if facing a tough opponent it is at times best to simply continually retreat and wait for Waza cards to charge up then unleash them in succession and then retreat again to rinse and repeat.

Wazzup Waza?!

In a new addition to the Tekken franchise, Waza cards are special move skills. Each Waza can be upgraded with shards and swapped in and out to make unique decks which best suit personal playing styles.  Since Waza cards vary depending on the character their attributes differ in speed, power, cooldown times and distance.  Therefore, rather than waste precious Waza powers too far away from opponents it is important to try to activate them close to enemies after a light attack or a stun.

Furthermore, just as chaining attacks together is essential to successful bouts, it is best to hold off using Waza abilities until all available cards can be triggered and then link them together. As aforementioned knowing how each Waza works is key in rushing cards together for it is best to use a guard or stun ability first then a melee and then finishing blow etc.  Yet just to be clear the best thing with the Waza is to practice, practice, practice to remember speeds.

Heals and Revives

Due to the ‘persistent’ nature of Tekken where fighters do not recover health after battles, yet instead slowly regenerate over time. Players need to remember though that any fighters that are locked into un-concluded battles do not rejuvenate any health until the mission has finished and they have been released.  It is therefore important to try to complete missions as quick as possible using as few heals and revives as possible and then log of for a while so that fighters can feel for free without using valuable items.  That said mind you, since there are a limited number of items which can be held, it is important to not waste rewards by being unable to collect new heals etc., if the quota is already full.

Special Events, Featured Acts & Multiplayer Battles

Whilst often more difficult than normal missions and thus requiring more heals and revitalizes to complete the levels, the rewards once completed are usually well worth the energy spent and heals or time spent rejuvenating.

The Dojo is where players can battle against other players’ fighters and visa-versa. In dojo events players can assign fighters to defend the dojo from other players and also set different fighters to attack other dojos.  When attacking other dojos players fight in real time against A.I controlled enemy fighters which tend to block a lot and not too aggressive with counter attacks despite the claim that the game uses real recordings to mimic player styles. The Dojo with its reward chests should be a priority among players who are looking for loot! Therefore if you have acquired enough gems to do so, unlocking all of the slots is perhaps the best use of gems.

Additional Tips

  • Log in daily to reap the incremental rewards.
  • Unlock the Dojo slots quickly.
  • Save gold for Epic chests, 1M is a lot but the epic chest is worth it.
  • Only use gems on time sales to get high tier fighters.

Personal Impressions // Review of TEKKEN

Having grown up amid the glory days of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Tekken was the black horse that was always hugely popular in arcade format in gaming centres. Due to the style of fighting in Tekken which doesn’t involve jumps or ducks the game would be either won or lost depending on the subtlety of timing.  Luckily though Tekken mobile is actually very good in balancing simplicity with complexity as the different characters keep players fresh and on their toes as they strive to chain those combos together.  The high definition graphics further add to the dynamic gameplay without causing any lag or too lengthy load sequencing.

The rate of heal drops does well to counter the ‘persistent’ nature where players don’t rejuvenate after battles. This system which some may dislike is actually perfectly suited to the freemium format as it essentially acts as an energy metre which restricts play and inspires IAP’s.  That said however, I personally feel that upon levelling up all fighters should be automatically and immediately healed.  The other area that feels a little strict is how characters are locked into acts until completion and cannot heal naturally until the act is completed.  As understandable as the reasons behind this are, the side effect is that it prevents players from taking on high risk – high reward missions.

Considering how long it takes to rejuvenate fighters naturally and that players can only hold a very stringent limit of heals and that as different fighters behave differently, it is extremely easy to catch a random jab or kick. … Which finally leads me to my original point in that it is actually quite rare and difficult to get a perfect flawless victory so that when it does happen, players should be rewarded with a bonus cache, cash, gems, XP or any other form of loot.

Due to the multiple path format of acts, the inevitable grind of replaying missions to strengthen characters is not as tedious as other games as players face somewhat fresh bouts as they complete all of the different paths, especially when attempting higher difficulty levels. That said however, there are some severe exponential jumps in difficulty that Tekken mobile does eventually start to become a pay to win game (which is further highlighted by the ludicrous multiple $160 purchases).  Tekken mobile is also very heavy on battery consumption and can heat devices quickly, yet for of these issues, at its core the nostalgia of playing Tekken on mobile devices is fun for a while!  Three and a half stars out of five.

App Specifics for TEKKEN

Current Version:
1.0 (iOS) (Last Update Feb 27 2018) (as at the time of writing)
1.0.2 (Android) (Last Update Feb 28 2018) (as at the time of writing)

793.6 MB (iOS)
198.4 MB (Android)

1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Requires iOS:
10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
5.0 and above.

Content Rating:
Rated for 12+

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.


In-App Purchases:
$1.59 ~ $159.99

Offered By:
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

Download TEKKEN

Download TEKKEN™ for iOS from the App Store Here!

Download TEKKEN™ for Android from Google Play Here!


Do you agree with our review of TEKKEN? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you love or hate this game in the comments section below along with any other hints, tips and tricks that you may have come across that haven’t already been covered above.  Also be sure to leave any requests for games that you would like to see reviewed!
And as always, ‘happy gaming’!



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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!