SimCity BuildIt

Introduction to SimCity BuildIt


SimCity is back! The original simulation game from way back in the day is here with a new installment for both iOS and android mobile devices.

In this version players adopt the persona of the mayor of a budding young town that strives to thrive and grow into a sprawling metropolis. Yet beware!  By not paying attention to citizens’ needs and keeping them happy, players won’t be able to progress efficiently.

Gameplay of SimCity BuildIt


The helpful tutorial assist feature provides just the right amount of aid before handing the reigns over to the player to enjoy. The pinch zoom and rotatable clean, crisp graphics and fast gameplay draw players in like so very few other games!  Without super long build time / wait time elements that is prevalent in many other sim games, it is very easy to lose yourself in this game and time-warp hours away!

By strategically placing buildings into well thought out designs, population grows and taxes flow freely which enables players to further expand and improve their city.

Features of SimCity BuildIt

    • Build a unique city that comes to life
    • Unleash natural (and not so natural) disasters
    • Create and trade goods with your friends and other cities
    • Balance city Services, including power and entertainment, to keep citizens happy
    • Pinch, zoom, and rotate 360 degrees as you manage your city on the go – both online and offline
    • Complete awesome challenges to Specialize your city

Tips and Tricks for SimCity BuildIt

Plan Around Public Buildings!


Everyone wants to have a cool looking or artistic design shape layout of their town, yet don’t forget, this is a simulated computer game! So whilst long winding and curving roads with parks and fountains littered everywhere certainly is nice in real life, doing so in the game will soon result in a slum style area of town as well!  Instead first try to work on a left to right – or alternatively a top down aspect (from the beach) layout with a few rows of high-rises on the top and then stores, followed by factories, sewage and garbage as far south / north east as possible.  Essentially, no matter how you design it, get the good with the good, the not with the naught!


On a grid style base; space out parks, clinics, police and fire on a diagonal spacing to best cover as much residential areas as possible which will result in needing fewer expensive builds. Yet remember it costs nothing to move buildings and even demolish roads, so keep tweaking out find that perfect harmonious balance!

Don’t Over-extend / Less is More!!


Sewer, Water, Power and Health = Wealth!!

Whilst it is tempting for beginners and even expected at times to grow as fast and rapidly as possible from the start by building as many residences as possible, it is in fact better to focus on quality of life rather than simply quantity. By always maintaining a manageable amount of residences players can make best use of expensive government building to cover the perfect amount of residences which end up resulting in much higher citizen satisfaction, no abandoned buildings and thus ultimately higher taxes.  This will ultimately prevent storages becoming stagnant will used commodities, a higher paying population will fuel faster and further growth and progress and enjoyment within the game.


This is a point that can’t be stressed enough! It is far better to have a slower / lower manageable population than a rushed uncontrolled and undersupplied community! In the case of fire however, it is even more so very much advised to try to save enough coin to purchase a deluxe or maxis station which, much like the energy situation, costs more in the short term yet yields far greater long term benefits due to its range, value and necessity rather than just go all in on a cheap and fast gamble.

Use Sim Cash Wisely!


Being the premium form of currency in a freemium game (which means that essentially the only real way of properly earning more is to buy it with real life money) should be used sparingly and cautiously! While developers deviously, placed options to “speed up” a timer on a production item, this should never, ever, ever be used!!!!! There are so many ways to spend the sim cash that if in doubt, then for the time being, simply hang onto what you have!

The exception to this rule however, would be to properly buy an extra slot in your stores which starts out at cheap pay-off yet then quickly becomes harshly expensive with more and more slots, therefore try buying just a single slot to start with and then wait to see the benefits before you spend any more.

Go Hard on the Global HQ!


Upon unlocking the Global HQ, players can sell off their excess surplus to gain huge cash quickly! Having the option to set and advertise prices, players can opt to drop prices for a quick sell or raise to the maximum cost and wait for a buyer.  A good rule of thumb is to generally price at between 60 – 90% of max cost to ensure a fast turn-around, yet to go all out at 100% for the rarer items like Sugar, Spices, Glass, etc.

Regarding item selection, rarer / longer construction timed items will always snare higher prices, yet common quick items in bulk can always fetch a decent amount of coin at times. Therefore the best way to do this is to constantly construct quick items while online and then the longest length items when going to bed, work or offline and then post the surplus when available, … then rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat and so on…

Green is Good!


It is definitely more expensive at the start and unfortunately far less efficient to begin with yet by doing the hard yards at the start players can save themselves a lot of heartache later on! Therefore with all types of public works, especially power, water, sewage and fire, going greener, better and bigger from the start will pay off dividends in the end!   And besides, who wouldn’t want to go green??

Be Social


Whilst this may or may (very) not be to the liking of discerned gamers or even those just beginning out, much advantage can be had by building online relationships within the game. By doing so players will find new avenues in which to sell their surplus commodities. Yet an even more valuable source of distribution is the source of importation!  If needing a certain item players can essentially request a needed item from trusted friends or valued Facebook members who could then in essence produce the very same item and then sell it on to fellow friends at a fraction of the original time and price taken.  Which makes the multiplayer aspect of SimCity BuildIt a slightly underused and potentially powerful aspect of the game.

Personal Impressions of SimCity BuildIt


Upon building your city more and more items, stages and events become unlocked. There is a slight grind to the process, yet the ability to freely play with city designs and constantly focusing on construction provides enough enticement to keep players hooked without feeling like they are stuck in a rut.  Just a few milestones to anticipate unlocking are, the cargo ship, airport, famous landmarks waterparks and such.  Furthermore, to truly enable realistic (and sometimes highly unrealistic, like UFO’s) gameplay, there are even natural and non-natural disasters which can devastate towns!

The Contest of the Mayors feature is another great attribute that adds that extra component which keeps gameplay exciting at higher levels. Here players compete online against other Mayors in various challenges and leagues to climb the ranks all the way to the Megalopolis Elite League!

As earlier mentioned the game starts out with a great pace yet unfortunately starts to have a slight grinding feel to it as time goes on, yet definitely not as much as certain other games. To overcome / submit to this simply continue continuously producing items as often as possible, with the pace of lower and higher items available, the grunt of the grind does feel less oppressive as others.  However at times there have been slightly glitch issues with trying to construct new items when the storage center is full…


The 3-D rendering, spin, scroll and zoom aspect with day night lighting allows for a very easy to view and use of gameplay. However, a possible area of improvement would be that when rendering cities, being able to select multiple buildings / blocks / resources all within one group to then move would be a major time saver and much needed upgrade!

The quick responsive loading times and lack of lag are also major positives of SimCity BuildIt. Having such a long history and being virtually the original of sim games, the BuildIt edition for mobile devices certainly doesn’t disappoint and is well worth downloading and enjoying! Four and a half stars out of five!

4 half out of 5

App Specifics for SimCity BuildIt

Current Version:
1.12.11 (iOS)  (Last Update April 25 2016) (Android)  (Last Update April 24 2016)

93.5 MB (iOS)
99 MB (Android)

10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Requires iOS:
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Requires Android:
2.3.3 or above

Content Rating:
Rated for 4+


In-app Purchases:
$0.99 ~ $99.99 per item

Produced By:
Electronic Arts Inc.

Download SimCity BuildIt

App Store : iOS

Download SimCity BuildIt for iOS from the App Store Here!

Google Play : Android

Download SimCity BuildIt for Android from Google Play Here!


We hope you enjoy SimCity BuildIt as much as we do! If so we would love to hear some of your own thoughts or helpful hints that could aid fellow fans!  Otherwise if you have some fresh and funky city designs then please feel proud and present them down below (or a link to) in the comments section!


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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!