Operate Now: Hospital

An Introduction to Operate Now: Hospital

From Dutch developers Spil Games, makers of hit titles Uphill Rush and The Troll Face Quest Series, comes another great game which is part surgery simulator, and part “sim city”, hospital “tycoon”. This blend of roles is actually far more skewed towards building, upgrading and managing the hospital and staff rather than operating on patients in the ER all of which can be leisurely enjoyed at players’ pace.

Operate Now: Hospital : Gameplay

Adopting the role of a newly appointed doctor in a recently opened hospital, players split their time as the chief surgeon and hospital manager who is in charge of staff shifts and the overall direction of the hospital. The management side of the game relies on taps to navigate menus and actions whilst the operations aspect utilizes swipes and taps to switch between tools and their application.  The common currency of cash is used to expand the hospital, upgrade rooms and purchase training packs to unlock or improve new staff, whilst gold hearts are the premium currency which are used to purchase in-game items, speed up build and wait times etc.

Features of Operate Now: Hospital

Game Characteristics

  • Play the most realistic surgery simulations
  • Build your own hospital
  • Hire new medical staff members and train them to save lives
  • Unlock and carry out researches from the all new medical research department
  • Dive into two captivating seasons
  • Stay tuned! We’re continuously developing and adding new missions and content


Performing challenging surgeries is at the heart of Operate Now: Hospital. Removing foreign bodies, repairing bone fractures, and performing tracheotomies are only some of the realistic operations available. As a surgeon, you will need a steady hand to both make flawless incisions, and carefully operate on patients. Time to throw on the scrubs!


Build and manage your very own hospital with Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care Units, and many more departments. You’ll also get to expand and upgrade your hospital to accommodate new departments with newly hired surgeons! It will take a true hospital director to manage such an impressive health care facility!


Live dramatic storylines just like in real medical TV shows. Operate Now: Hospital follows the lives of surgeons and hospital staff members such as Dr. Amy Clarke. As you progress through Seasons 1 and 2, this unique medical adventure will shed light on the mysteries surrounding the hospital, its patients, and its doctors.

Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Operate Now: Hospital

Back the Break Room!

Upon starting out, it can be a little daunting knowing what to spend hard earned cash on new facility and training packs, upgrading the Break Room should be a high priority and addressed as quickly as possible. Whilst doing so is not immediately crucial to do right off the bat, as the game progresses and more staff join the ranks having a better break room is critical for ensuring successful operations.

The Need for Speed!

During operations players are scored on three different factors; the patient’s remaining vitality levels, speed of completion and number of mistakes. Scores are then multiplied by the difficulty level for added bonuses.  Higher scores increase the hospitals reputation levels which in turn speeds up progression.  Therefore, a careful balance between speed and precision is necessary for obtaining those high scores.  As a rough rule of thumb, external injuries should be fast and large whilst internal procedures should be undertaken with more caution and care.

Sub the Staff!

Perhaps the most desired aspect of any simulation game is how realistic it truly is and Operate Now: Hospital does well to incorporate some of the finer points of real life. Just as with nearly every hospital with all the equipment involved, it is actually the staff that are the most neglected!  By constantly working staff their stamina will decrease and if it falls all the way to zero then they will be automatically taken off whatever task they are on, which if in the middle a serious operation it may become critical for the patient.  Therefore it is important to constantly keep an eye on the rings around staff members.  If the stamina drops below 75% then the rings will turn yellow and if below 25% then they will become red and should be subbed out before undertaking a new task.

Know Your Staff!

Each staff character is divided into one of six different categories; Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon, Paramedic and Auxiliary. Whilst some staff can interchange between category specific tasks, some tasks can only be performed by a specific staff.  Training staff will elevate their stats which will have a direct effect on various tasks such as adding bonus points or cash or reduce wait times.  Therefore it is best to check the stats of staff before appointing tasks so as to get the most value out of them.

Training Packs

Regular training packs cost 8,000 cash with premium packs costing 40 golden hearts. The regular recruitment pack costs a huge 60, 000 cash which as great as it is getting new staff, the cash is probably better spent expanding and upgrading rooms so instead it is worthwhile saving up your gold hearts to purchase premium recruitment packs which for 120 hearts rewards players with rare silver or gold staff members.  Yet when spending cash on upgrading staff whilst it is more expensive to do so, it is best to invest in silver or gold staff as their increases are far more substantial than standard staff.  It is also best to upgrade attributes which compliment players playing style, for example if players are constantly engaged with the game then they should upgrade staff’s dedication to increase their stamina so that they can work longer between needing a break.  If players are more sporadic in activity then they should invest in upgrading skill levels which reward more cash per task.  Or if impatient with wait

Plan Development!

Rather than mindlessly adding new additions to your hospital, it is betting to build with purpose. Therefore players should focus on the ambulance garage and reception which bring in more patients and thus money before adding another ward for example, which if patient levels are low will sit used without generating any income.

Additional Tips

  • Log in frequently to constantly collect earnings.
  • Save hearts to buy auto surgeries for extremely difficult operations.
  • Don’t miss the daily login as the counter resets if a single day is missed.
  • Watch ads for free gold hearts.

Personal Impressions // Review of Operate Now: Hospital

Despite my not having such high expectations going into it, Operate Now: Hospital is actually quite good! The locked story arc which is revealed in pieces works well to keep players’ interest piqued and coming back for more.  The graphic manga style of the story further adds depth to the game due to its contrast to the most cartoonish operation theatre.  The main hospital screen also adds excellent contrast with its high definition detail and zoom capabilities.  The amount of different characters similarly creates a “gotta catch ‘em all” additivity.  With so many games these days focusing predominately on player verse player it is refreshing to have a game where players can enjoy a game which lets them play and progress at a pace that they like.

As enjoyable as the game is it is a little stingy on the in-game cash currency which means that players will need to grind, grind and then grind some more. The problem with this grind is that due to the strict ordering of upgrades and expansions, it is very easy to find yourself in a stalemate where rooms shut-down because of not enough staff or beds etc. which then freezes income which prevents players from being able to purchase the necessary upgrades. So in reality whilst Operate Now: Hospital is a free to play game, this catch-22 system of forces upgrades yet stalling income, means that is in fact a very blatant pay-to-win game.  On a more minor point, it would also be nice if players could rearrange rooms yet unfortunately once built they can’t change positions.

The same lack of freedom is also prevalent with staff as more often than not players will end up with too many of one type of staff and not enough of another. Following this point, since acquiring staff is extremely expensive and difficult, and funding upgrades is equally so, the grind is actually much more about simply recharging staff stamina by swapping them in and out of the break room with very little action or actual gameplay.  That said, all in all if look for a decent single player game, then Operate Now: Hospital is worth sampling.  What should and could have been a four and a half star ranking, unfortunately only (very generously) scores three stars out of five.

App Specifics for Operate Now: Hospital

Current Version:
1.14.1 (iOS) (Last Update Mar 01 2018) (as at the time of writing)
1.14.1 (Android) (Last Update Feb 28 2018) (as at the time of writing)

830.9 MB (iOS)
228.3 MB (Android)

10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Requires iOS:
8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
4.4 and above.

Content Rating:
Rated for 17+

English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.


In-App Purchases:
$2.99 ~ $79.99

Offered By:
Spil Games B.V

Download Operate Now: Hospital

Download Operate Now: Hospital for iOS from the App Store Here!

Download Operate Now: Hospital for Android from Google Play Here!


Do you agree with our review of Operate Now: Hospital? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you love or hate this game in the comments section below along with any other hints, tips and tricks that you may have come across that haven’t already been covered above.  Also be sure to leave any requests for games that you would like to see reviewed!
And as always, ‘happy gaming’!



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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!