Minions Paradise™

An Introduction to Minions Paradise™

Minions! The adorable, lovable banana loving iconic characters are back with a new sim, build game where players collect and gather resources along with playing a variety of mini games all in order to cheer up fellow minions. Why the need to cheer them up, you may ask, well the games protagonist and the players adopted avatar ‘Phil’ in true Minions style sunk the cruise ship which all of the Minions were taking a much deserved holiday.  Thus Phil is charged with cheering up all the minions that continue to wash up on the shores of a deserted island by turning it into a tropical paradise full of fun, piñatas and cocktails!

Minions Paradise™ : Gameplay


Building new “distractivity” buildings, completing quests, adding decorations and playing mini games can earn players ‘Party Points’ (Experience Points) which enable players to level up and attract more minions to the island. Each action undertaken takes a number of minions to perform so that the more minions that are on the island the faster players can level up and thus gain more minions, so on and so on.

Features of Minions Paradise™


Help Phil build the perfect Minions Paradise! Customize your island with hot tubs, hammocks, and beach volleyball courts. Plant firefly trees, harness power from electric eels, and grow bushels of bananas to make an island paradise for Phil and his Minion buddies.

The more land you get, the more fun your Minions will have! Become an expert at alligator waterskiing, throw mangoes from hot air balloons, and dive off waterslides.

Share your paradise with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob from the MINIONS movie! Make all your vacation dreams come true and be joined by all your favorite Minion buddies.

All Minions need a villain to serve! Aid Phil and the Minions as they work to finish Professor Flux’s master plan. Help Flux put his dastardly plans into motion and earn special Minion Level-Up Tokens to upgrade the abilities of your favorite Minions!

Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Minions Paradise™

Save your Doubloons!


Doubloons are the premium currency in the game and as such should be used sparingly and wisely! The best way to do this is to ignore the pop up advice from the tutorial that recommends that players spend the currency on spending up build times.  As with virtually every other build game this is the worst way to invest such precious currency and should always be avoided.  The added bonus (or sinister tactic by the developers) is that most build times are simply a matter of minutes and not hours or days as other games are.  Therefore, wait out the build and use the doubloons for a better purpose.

Mini Games, Mini Games, Mini Games!!


The mini game feature not only offers a fun break from the grind of collecting and building, but also rewards players with some very lucrative loot! There are five mini games in total; Fishing Frenzy, Mango Toss, Butterfly Catch, Water Slide Dive & Topiary Treasure Hunt.  Each game varies in gameplay, subsequent rewards and cooldown times before being able to play again.  Thus certain mini games may suit different players better than others yet all should be unlocked and enjoyed if possible.  That said, ‘Fishing Frenzy’ has the fastest cooldown time and can be played the most, ‘Water Slide Dive’ is the easiest requiring just a single tap, and ‘Topiary Treasure Hunt’ is probably the most efficient for its ease vs reward ratio.

Keep the Minions Motivated!


Minions can be put to work to produce items and resources. Therefore, even if not needed it is advisable that Minions continue working as much as possible to stockpile items for future quests and builds or otherwise relaxing at various distractivites to maximize the production of party points needed to level up.

Other areas to focus on are,

  • Use The Bulletin Board to earn Sand Dollars and Party Points.
  • Watch videos for Mystery Boxes.
  • Constantly check back at Phil’s bar as this is the fastest way to earn Party Points.

Personal Impressions of Minions Paradise™


The authentic depiction of the famous yellow characters and fun amusing sounds make Minions Paradise™ a very light-hearted and warming game to while away some free time. Whilst there are many, many other games in the build / simulation genre, Minions Paradise™ stands out obviously through the iconic and lovable characters themselves, yet also through the unique mini game feature which adds a flair of variety to an otherwise standard build game.

Thus if a fan of such build games, the Minions franchise or just cute games in general, then here is a game that is perfect for you! If not however, then best to possibly leave this one alone and find a more action packed game, of which many have been reviewed here at Blue Lagoon.
Three and a half stars out of five.

3 half out of 5

App Specifics for Minions Paradise™

Current Version:
9.2.3239 (iOS)  (Last Update Sept 01 2016) (as at the time of writing)
9.2.3239  (Android)  (Last Update Sept 01 2016) (as at the time of writing)

115 MB  (iOS)
109 MB (Android)

10,000,000 –50,000,000

Requires iOS:
8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
4.1 or above.

Content Rating:
Rated for 3+

English, Chinese (Hong Kong), Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.


In-app Purchases:
$2.99  ~  $159.99

Offered By:
Electronic Arts Inc.

Download Minions Paradise™

App Store : iOS

Download Minions Paradise™ for iOS from the App Store Here!

Google Play : Android

Download Minions Paradise™ for Android from Google Play Here!


Do you agree with our review of Minions Paradise™? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you love or hate this game in the comments section below along with any other requests for games that you would like to see reviewed!
And as always, ‘happy gaming’!




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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!