An Introduction to Homescapes

One of the fastest growing gaming companies and one of Europe’s top three giants, Playrix has released their latest smash hit. Following on from the highly acclaimed Gardenscapes, Austin the butler is back, yet this time to save his childhood home!  As Austin has been away, his parents have aged and his beloved home has fallen to shambles.  Thus frantic to prevent his home being sold off Austin decides to repair his dilapidated family mansion in the hopes that his parents will remember its former glory and won’t sell his childhood home.

Homescapes : Gameplay

Similar in format to virtually every other Candy Crush Sage style game, Homescapes is a “match 3” puzzle game slash simulation builder. Each level contains a specific goal which changes and becomes increasingly difficult through progression.  To obtain these goals players must rearrange different coloured elements to form a horizontal or vertical line of three or more like objects which then burst and opens space for new elements to fall into from above.  By combining longer strings of combinations or squares etc. various power-ups each with their own unique attributes appear.  Furthermore, by combining same or different power-ups together even stronger power-ups are created.  Successfully completing levels awards stars which can then be used to complete repairs around the home and further unlock new chapters and advance the simulation builder story.

Features of Homescapes

  • Unique gameplay: help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces!
  • Interior design: you decide what the house will look like.
  • Exciting match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations!
  • A huge, beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it holds!
  • Fantastic characters: watch them live their lives and interact with each other in the in-game social network.
  • A cute pet: meet а naughty and fluffy cat.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house!

Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Homescapes

Know Your Power-Ups!

Different combinations create different power-ups and in turn each power-up behaves in a different manner. Thus it is important to know how each one works so as to take full advantage of the bonus features and not waste them on unbreakable boxes or walls etc.

  • Rockets:
    Matching four in a row or column creates a rocket which will clear all elements in the row or column depending on how the four way is formed.
  • Bombs:
    Creating an L shape with five tiles creates a bomb which explode everything within a two square radius.
  • Paper Planes:
    Matching four of the same object into a square creates a Paper Plane which when used tile adjacent on each side and then flies off to hit a tile which directly aids in completing the necessary task. Because Planes can fly to any tile, Planes are extremely useful and as such should be saved until later in levels to make use of their goal achieving power.
  • Rainbow Ball:
    Matching fives tiles in a row creates a rainbow bomb which when triggered will destroy all the same coloured objects all over the board to what it is matched with. Considering that the Rainbow Ball can take out huge number of a specific object, they are best used strategically to clear tasks.

Save the Power Ups!

As tempting as it is to use power-ups as soon as they are formed, it is far better to save them and form other power-ups as combining power-ups creates even stronger abilities which can quickly turn the tide and win matches. Certain power-ups can also trigger other power-ups which effectively saves a turn.  Additionally any power-ups left over after completing a level are automatically triggered which can earn more bonus coins.

Concentrate on the Task!

It can be easy to forget what the end goal is and simply match the obvious and simple combinations, yet doing so can quickly evaporate moves and end up being unsuccessful. Instead if the goal is to clear cherries then focus all moves either directly clearing cherries or indirectly by trying to form power-ups which will clear them.  If however unable to clear desired tiles, then it is always best to work bottom up rather than clearing the very highest row as this will shuffle more tiles and increase the chances of subsequent matches.

Save Coins, Tools & Boosters!

Finishing levels with moves and power-ups remaining will reward players with bonus coins. Coins can then be used to buy more moves if unable to clear a level.  The higher the level the more expensive buying more moves becomes however, so it is best to horde coins as long as possible as the is a rather sharp increase in difficulty as the game goes on.  So rather than spending coins wildly, try the level again or a third time and only use them if all tasks can feasibly be completed within an extra three moves or so.  Tools like the Hammer and boosters like the Rainbow ball and Double Paper Plane are extremely useful as they can start a level with a huge advantage yet as they are difficult to obtain should be used sparingly and only after failing a mission multiple times.

Personal Impressions // Review of Homescapes

As Hollywood movies can clearly show, rarely do sequels surpass the original, yet Homescapes is perhaps a title that makes the cut. The crisp clear graphics and sound effects are extremely well designed and surprisingly lightweight considering the attention to detail.

The storyline, as repetitive and simple as it is actually becomes quite more-ish as unlocking that latest feature to the house unknowingly becomes quite addictive. With over 400 levels and growing along with more than 100,000 mansion design patterns players can enjoy near countless hours of gameplay as they create their own unique custom interiors.  The depth of the story is actually much more involved than first meets the eye as besides the main three protagonists there are more than thirty supporting characters each with their own stories and nuances.

Despite the sameness of levels, the variety of goals and different shapes of maps prevents stagnation and remains enjoyable even after lengthy gameplay. However, there appears to be a few levels which serve as serious hurdles as they incrementally increase in difficulty which may spark players to give up rather than continually replay until successful.  The energy meter is similarly a little harsh as players fail a level, they are highly likely to fail multiple times yet the regeneration times are quite lengthy, which makes it difficult to learn from failures.   Thus there are times when it feels like a blatant pay-to-win game as certain levels will almost absolutely need boosters and tools to be used to clear.

Whilst nothing radically new or innovative is put forth in Homescapes, it is a well-developed game which is a good place for beginners to become familiar with the genre as well as being a must have for dire –hard fans of match 3 puzzlers. Three stars out of five.

App Specifics for Homescapes

Current Version:
1.2.0 (iOS) (Last Update Nov 28 2017) (as at the time of writing) (Android) (Last Update Dec 06 2017) (as at the time of writing)

184 MB (iOS)
97.4 MB (Android)

10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Requires iOS:
9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
4.0.3 and above.

Content Rating:
Rated for 3+

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish.


In-App Purchases:
$1.49 ~ $159.99

Offered By:
Playrix Games

Download Homescapes

App Store : iOS

Download Homescapes for iOS from the App Store Here!

Google Play: Android

Download Homescapes for Android from Google Play Here!


Do you agree with our review of Homescapes? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you love or hate this game in the comments section below along with any other hints, tips and tricks that you may have come across that haven’t already been covered above.  Also be sure to leave any requests for games that you would like to see reviewed!
And as always, ‘happy gaming’!



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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!