Block! Hexa Puzzle

An Introduction to Block! Hexa Puzzle

Block! Hexa Puzzle is truly fun for all ages! With a near countless amount of levels with them being grouped into various degrees of difficulty playing can be enjoyed here and there on the fly, online or offline, or slowly over hours of leisure.

Block! Hexa Puzzle : Gameplay


Simple drag and drop one touch gameplay is all that’s needed to thoroughly enjoy this mentally stimulating spatial puzzler. With various geometrical combination shapes popping up continuously players must find the perfect combination and placement of shapes to fill the selected puzzle of each round.

Starting out simple, each round increases in complexity with multiple puzzles and even false flag, unusable shapes being included, Block! Hexa Puzzle is a fun and challenging way to pass the time.

Features of Block! Hexa Puzzle

    – Smooth effect for block puzzle game!

    – Play easily and quickly.
    – Over 300+ puzzles are unique and full of fun and amazing challenges!
    – Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay
    – Enjoy game for any time, anywhere and a short time.
    – You can play offline in anytime.
    – Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects
    – Designed for tablets & phones. – Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES. – ACHIEVEMENTS&LEADERBOARD from Google Play Games.

Tips ‘n’ Tricks for Block! Hexa Puzzle

Trust Your Instincts!


The human mind is a wonderful thing, be it through elegant design or through efficient evolution over billions of years (or even alien or time travelling human intervention), the synapses within the brain are undoubtedly magical! Thus the best way to beat this game is to go back to the root core and simply feel around.  Be it blind faith or an in-sighted instinctive a simple following of the ‘gut’ will get you to the answer quicker than any other tip or time spent searching for an answer offering website!  So let go and trust in your first feeling.

Work Top Down.


Whilst we could continue with the Nano themed of beauty of quantum physics, let us just say that for this game, it is easier to get the big pieces out of the way first. By focusing on removing the largest obstacles first, which also fills up the majority of the board quicker, tighter fitting pieces, and future possible combinations become much more visible and thus viable.

Use The Hints!


As with most puzzle games there is a hint option which offers some relief to those players in need. Hints come as a possible move revealed and can be used in succession for multiple advantages.  Hints can be earned by beating stage levels, logging in daily, through IAP or by completing quests.

Cheat… (Or Don’t)


As has been stated in previous articles, this truly should be the last means of escape! For the act of finding a site that provides step by step walkthroughs and complete answer grids for each and every puzzle is so tempting that when stuck on a particular hurdle it is completely understandable to cave into the ease and speed of cheating.

Yet be warned! Doing so will instantly suck all life out of hard fought achievements and make future battles all that less tasteful and should be avoided until there is but no other option.

Personal Impressions of Block! Hexa Puzzle


For a spatial puzzler, “Block! Hexa Puzzle” has all the right ingredients. First off, it works on the heavenly regular hexagon design which along with the triangle is a thing of pure beauty and should be revered as much as the golden ratio / divine proportion is.

The offline playability is rare among such games and is another key drawcard to the game. As is the simple rudimentary gameplay that can be picked up very easily no matter how young or old the player is.

Block! Hexa Puzzle is truly enjoyable, but as with many other brainteaser games, the primary flaw is that the levels are far too easy to begin with and then exponentially become too difficult for them to be fun, but with no time limit and penalties for incorrect play… it lacks the feverous addictiveness that other titles of the genre have. The pop up ads also start to become tiresome as they tend to appear after every few consecutive plays.
That said however, with so few games that can be enjoyed offline, Block! Hexa Puzzle is well worth trying out!  Three and a half stars out of five.

3 half out of 5

App Specifics for Block! Hexa Puzzle

Current Version:
1.2.1 (iOS)  (Last Update Oct 14 2016) (as at the time of writing)
1.0.6  (Android)  (Last Update Oct 13 2016) (as at the time of writing)

108 MB  (iOS)
53 MB (Android)

1,000,000 –5,000,000

Requires iOS:
6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android:
3.0 or above.

Content Rating:
Rated for 4+



In-app Purchases:
$0.99  ~  $19.99

Offered By:
BitMango Corporation

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle

App Store : iOS

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle iOS from the App Store Here!

Google Play : Android

Download Block! Hexa Puzzle for Android from Google Play Here!


Do you agree with our review of Block! Hexa Puzzle? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you love or hate this game in the comments section below along with any other requests for games that you would like to see reviewed!
And as always, ‘happy gaming’!



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After spending much too much time playing retro Pong and Donkey Kong on a game & watch as a kid before upgrading to the brick shaped original Gameboy, Water-Mind is loving the evolution of the gaming industry... ... whilst still finding time to paddle down torrential rivers!